HDC 22.10 | 33.10 | 45.10


Screening Platform
  • with 22, 33 or 45 parallel detachable HD10 cultivators
  • connectable to CellDEG Growth-Control-Unit
  • equal growth conditions, no adjustment of bubble-rates
  • for screening experiments requiring low sample volume and high sample numbers
  • seal and attachment by exchangeable silicone moldings
  • convenient handling of many parallels in combination with CellDEG HRTT-Sensor
  • best with orbital shakers (stroke: 5-15mm at 200-350 rpm)
HDC 4.100 | 9.100


Universal Platform
  • with 4 or 9 parallel detachable HD100 cultivators
  • connectable to CellDEG Growth-Control-Unit
  • reliable fast parallel growth to highest cell densities
  • for comparative analysis like optimization of culture conditions or media
  • cultivators mounted on EPDM gasket with bayonet lock
  • convenient handling of up to 9 parallels and increased culture volume
  • best with orbital shakers, (stroke: 10-30mm at 50-150 rpm)
HDC 1.1500 | 1.1500T


Production Platform
  • cultivator with 1-2L working volume and integrated gas distribution
  • connectable to CellDEG Growth-Control-Unit
  • daily microalgal productivity up to 10g cell dry weight per cultivator
  • demountable cultivation unit with exchangeable membrane carrier
  • optional cooling coils for precise temperature control
  • optimized for repeated batch cultivations
  • best with orbital shakers (stroke: 25-50mm at 50-150 rpm)
HD10 Cultivator
  • volume 6-10ml
  • bottom mounted gas supply membrane
  • fit in HRTT-Sensor for direct cell density measurement without opening and dilution
  • presterilized, ready to use
HD100 Cultivator
  • volume 60-100ml
  • bottom mounted gas supply membrane
  • optimal light penetration and low shear stress
  • presterilized, ready to use
HD1500 Cultivator
  • volume 1000-2000ml
  • exchangeable gas supply membrane
  • optional temperature control
  • presterilized, ready to use