enhancing photoautotrophic growth


Innovative culture vessels and photobioreactors for rapid growth of microalgae and cyanobacteria to ultra-high density.

We are a team of experts in cyanobacterial biology, bioinformatics, and engineering offering innovative membrane-based bioreactor solutions for high density cultivation applications.

  • Diffusive CO2-supply from one face of the culture,
    O2 release from the other one
  • No carbon limitation,
    no oxygen stress
  • Negligible CO2 release
    and little loss of water
     vapor to the atmosphere
  • Intermittent irradiation
    with short light/dark
  • Extremely high cell density and biomass
    concentration (> 15 g dry weight/L)
  • High quantum yield
    at PFD > 1000 μmol m-2s-1
  • High growth rates at ultra-high cell densities
    referred to volume and irradiated area
  • Axenic cultivation in a closed sterile system,
    reuse after chemical sterilization
  • Screening systems with many cultures growing
    under identical conditions
  • No shear stress to sensitive cultures
    (e.g. trichal
  • No biofilm formation
    on the membrane surface