The research project of CellDEG focuses on the development of a modularly expandable control unit for the special requirements of its recently patented novel culture method based on membrane-mediated gas supply, which is not only favorably applied for the cultivation of microalgae and cyanobacteria, but also for plant, animal or bacterial cell suspensions.
CellDEG aims to provide unique cultivation solutions that allow for fast and reliable production of biomass and natural products.

This R & D project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund

Growth Control Unit (GCU)
  • high precision gas mixing unit for easy adjustment of CO2-partial pressure and LED light intensity
  • sensor controlled magnetic valve for CO2-dosage
  • allows linear or exponential progressions for light intensity and CO2-partial pressure
  • includes gas pump for gas circulation
  • GCU connects to windows computers for easy setup
  • Test data logging
  • Product-13
  • Product-14
High-Range-Transmission-Turbidity Sensor (HRTTS)
  • OD750nm range: 0,1 – 20
  • direct,¬†without dilution
  • non-invasive, for axenic cultivation
  • including software and laptop
  • product-21
  • product-22